What Is Our Niche?

Yoga Retreat in Thailand is a thoroughly crafted resource for all things amazing happening in Thailand in Yoga, Wellness, Alternative Health, Ecological Living, Lifestyle, Nutrition, and Happiness. Thailand- the Land of Smiles has always had a great charm for yogis, backpackers, and seekers and now they have a reliable resource to plan their trips more satisfactorily. From yoga and meditation to the flourishing colorful eclecticism Thailand is known for, we touch upon it all through our explorative coverage.

Writing Guidelines

Topics: Yoga Blog and Ayurveda Blog pertaining to Thailand, travel and tour experiences, food and dining, shopping in Thailand.

Tone: Easy going and fun with a positive perspective on things. Informal vocabulary is welcome. Comprehensively put, spiritual connotations can make the read on yoga-meditation and related things more enjoyable unless it gets preachy.

Word Limit: Crisp, on-point, and succinct articulation work best for our topics to a word limit of 500-800 words.

Our Readers: The pulse of our readers lies with holistic health awareness, cultural travel, and spirituality of Thailand. Give them food for thought on the same.

Sources: Be diligent in citing your sources, be it a chunk of information or images. Same goes for quoted, translated, or individually interpreted material.

Images: A picture speaks a thousand words and can actually tell your story better. Illustrate your submissions if you can. You may also give us links to images in Shutterstock or other free image resources. Alternatively, we will choose our own.

SEO Restricted: Keyword-stuffed sales pitch about businesses or products are not for our platform to promote, and therefore goes straight to junk.

We Would Love To Publish

  • Clean content that is thoroughly proofread for spelling, typo, grammar, and comprehensive readability.
  • Individual experience, interviews, photo blogs, travel blogs, listicles, DIY guides, opinion
  • Motivation, humor, spiritual wisdom, quirky take on a convention
  • Recipes, instructions, description
  • Argumentation, activism, awareness
  • News, current concerns, viral media

Not Our Thing

  • Articles already published with other websites or print media
  • Personal blog-style pieces with overt self-centeredness
  • Promotional pitches, self-marketing, direct call-for-action, biased reviews of businesses/products
  • Search Engine optimization intended pieces


Benefit for Guest Bloggers

Though we are not a marketing platform, we are ready to give support to our Guest Authors with a genuine enthusiasm for our topics of concern, related to the opportunity of travel, wellness, yoga, and joy in Thailand.

We will feature you in our ‘contributing authors’ panel and allow 1-Way Link to your blog, site & social profile from the ‘Author Bio’ section that comes at the end of each published article.