Peace and Harmony are prerequisites of a modern living. As we run through our modern lifestyle assisted and burdened by technological advances, competition, and volatility; equilibrium of life is getting lost in this translation. Through our blog, Yoga Retreat in Thailand, we aim to resurrect the lost wellness: physical, mental, and spiritual. Using yoga, meditation, pranayama, healing, and relaxation, we strive to incite transformational changes in the individual with informing our readers about the most holistic yoga practices and retreats in the land of smiles. Our readers love us for the expressions and information our writers and passionate yoga travelers share their experiences when retreating to the ‘land of smiles’.

Witness the radiating golden hue of glistening temples, stroll on white sandy bays and comfort yourself alongside the turquoise sea while immersing in rejuvenating yoga vacation in Thailand. Once you are back, do not miss out on telling us your story here. Let the world know about the wondrous experience you had during your very own Yoga Vacation in Thailand.